Bow Hair Clip with Pearls

I had the cutest idea for a hair clip. I had scores of green ribbon just lying around, and some beautiful pearl remaining from those I had bought for making the tiara. Just the ribbon, pearls, a needle, thread and a press-on clip, and viola! I had a new hair clip for my little girl.

What you will need

  • half a meter of any coloured satin ribbon
  • pearls 3 nos.
  • sewing needle
  • thread matching the colour of the ribbon
  • press-on hair clip

Step by step

Lay the ribbon as shown in the diagram. (By the way I found this cool website where I made this diagram called Pencil Madness)


Pretty cool, huh!

Now make a running stitch with a needle and thread along the line as shown in the above figure.

Pull the thread, so that the ribbon bunches up into a bow. Tie a knot around the centre of the bow with the thread on the needle.

Do not break it off.

String a pearl into the needle and thread and pull up the needle. Secure the pearl by piercing the needle through the centre of the bow.

Repeat the above step two more times so the pearl is secure.

Now repeat it with the remaining pearls as well.

Sew a press-on clip onto the underside of the bow.

sayalee with bow

There you go! Isn’t she adorable? (Please ignore the graffiti on the wall behind her!)

Happy DIY!


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