DIY – Charging cell phone holder

Month after month I threw away these plastic bottles never knowing what I could do with them. Until one day I stumbled upon Ashley’s blog.

Here is her link.

I looked around in my house for an empty bottle to use. I didn’t find any completely empty bottle, but yes, I did find an almost empty bottle of Dettol Handwash.


Agreed it wasn’t empty yet and yeah, it was a tad bit too big for just one cell phone. But what the hell, add a multi-charging point and you can house two or even three phones at the same time. Perfect when you are in a restaurant or somewhere where there aren’t many charging points.

You can use a smaller bottle to make a similar charging station, depending upon your need and what’s available.

This lady Ashley is a pro. She did an awesome job. I wasn’t that good. Yet, it did turn out quite okay looking.

  • I first used a permanent marker to make markings around which I was going to cut.
  • Then I cut with sharp scissors along those lines. (Please forgive me, my babies wouldn’t allow me to take step-by-step pictures. I barely managed the final picture!)
  • I used a cutter available in most stationery stores to cut along the inner square. You have to be careful not to cut your hand while doing this.
  • Then I used Camlin white pearl acrylic paint and a large flat brush to paint the outside of the bottle.
  • I let it air dry for 20 minutes.
  • Then I used Fevicryl 3D outliners in metallic colours which I had lying around for  some time to create the design.


  • Here’s what it looked like once it had dried.


Neat, isn’t it?

You can do it too. Remember if you have to buy something to make this, then that is not creativity. Creativity is when you use whatever you have to make something really cool and totally usable.

If you do make something based on this idea, please share your photos, or links to your websites or blogs with me in the comment box.

Happy Brewing!



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