DIY – New frock from an old frock

Saee has a big cupboard full of dresses which she no longer  wears. Sayalee is too young yet to throw tantrums about which clothes she wants to wear, so I took a bit of liberty here to convert this:

saee dress


Into this:

say dress


Here’s what I did.

I first used a stitch remover to remove those cute kitten patches. I have saved them for later.

Then I removed the back ties to reposition them.

I cut about two inches from the hem of Saee’s frock. It still didn’t take care of an unsightly brown stain that sat there right in the front row.

I first created a new hem, and then used about a meter of white lace I had bought a long time ago to create two beautiful rows on the new hem.

I repositioned the ties on the back of the dress. (You can’t see them here. I didn’t get to take many pictures with my younger daughter hanging about on my right leg.)

To finish it off, I used a spare white button I had, from another frock, and stitched under the collar, right in the middle, where the pleats meet.


New dress for Sayalee!

Please tell me what do you think? Do you think those two lace rows look overdone?





4 thoughts on “DIY – New frock from an old frock

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