Support from a friend

Dear Gauri,
It is very nice to read your blog on the issue of smoking, which is very chronic affecting many individuals, including fraternity of those like us, who have been given the social responsibility of motivating and helping individuals suffering from chronic tobacco use in any form.
As an orthodontist I have been indulging in this habit since the year 2001.
I have found myself that peer groups, life style and job profile are the root causes for forcing a person voluntarily or involuntarily in the chronic habit of tobacco usage.
It is an individual’s own conscience and will power along with the support of their social circle that can play a key role in helping in de-addiction of people like me.
I just want to admire your effort on this wonderful initiative towards this noble cause about informing society about this chronic addiction and motivating and helping them in finding the ways to QUIT smoking for a better future.
All the best
Dr (Maj ) Rajkumar Maurya
Dental officer and Orthodontist
Indian Army Dental Corps

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