World No-Tobacco day

As a dental surgeon working for the last eight years, I have come across various people suffering from devastating consequences of their one deadly habit. Tobacco. There were some who were so far gone, it seemed criminal to even ask them to stop their tobacco usage.

It is useless in a country like India, where tobacco is more readily available than food. The Government cries hoarse about being anti-tobacco, but is this for real? Then why isn’t it banned completely? Tobacco is not as fast a killer as narcotics. It is a slower poison. It kills people one puff at a time. If you are lucky, you may die of other causes before tobacco gets you. But if you aren’t, it will kill you in the most inhuman way possible. Bit, by terrible bit.

31st May is recognised all over the world as No Tobacco day. In view of this day, I am going to run a campaign till 31st May. I am calling it, the ‘MB NO TOBACCO CAMPAIGN’ Each day I will talk about the lethal effects of tobacco, and urge users to give it up. I will also tell you ways of giving up this habit. To those who are willing to work with me, I will guide you not just now, but everyday from now.

And leading up to 31st May, when I ask, how many of you will completely give it up, I want to see more hands up in the air.


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