Soap bubble blower – DIY

Good morning, Monday! Whoever said Mondays weren’t fun, didn’t love what they were doing. But when you like doing what you are doing, Mondays are fun-er than Sundays.

We tried our hand at making a bubble blower this morning. It was really easy, and super fun, as you will see.

What you will need

For the solution

  • 1 tsp glycerine
  • 2 tsp dishwashing liquid or handwash
  • 1 tsp water

For the blower

  • 1 straw (the ones that come with juice tetrapacks)
  • 1 small length of wire (any wire will do)

bubble 5

Cut away the corrugated portion of the straw. Make a closed loop of the wire at one end, and wrap the other end around the straw.

The mouth of the straw should be right in the center of the closed loop of the wire.

Mix all the ingredients for the solution in a small jar, and have fun!

We were just beginning with the fun part.

bubble 8

And then we blew some bubbles…

bubble 7

That one went right up in the air!

bubble 4

It doesn’t create a multitude of bubbles like the commercially available bubble blower, but who cares? We loved it!

bubble 6

We blew a couple of bubbles for mommy…

bubble 2

And were happy about that too!

bubble 3

Finally we chilled on the park bench, and blew some more bubbles!

bubble 1

Please ignore my ugly feet. Oh I just drew your attention to them, didn’t I? Shoot!

Anyway, here’s wishing all of you a lovely fun-filled week ahead!




3 thoughts on “Soap bubble blower – DIY

  1. It’s still my favorite, blowing bubbles. I have mine (store bought) and use it sometimes. It’s so chilling and relaxing, I can’t explain in words. Your daughter is really beautiful , this one is going to break some hearts when she is all grown up 🙂

    • J, it is my favorite activity too! Saee wanted one, so I made it with whatever I had. About Saee, well yeah, I am keeping my rifles ready for when she grows up 😉

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