Why you haven’t been able to quit smoking yet

Smokers are addicted people. The sooner they realize this, the better it is for  them. Here are some of the resources on why you haven’t been successful quitting yet, and what is it that you can do to take that first step.

Why I can’t quit smoking? By John R. Polito

Face it. Whatever it is you are hiding from yourself, face the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

The real story behind why you can’t quit. By Scott Milford.

Blame your genes, if you must.

Can’t quit smoking? By Anna Hodgekiss

The truth behind all those quitting products is that they don’t work most of the times. They will reduce your craving for the amount of time that you are using these products. But  ever wondered why you can’t stay off the stick?

Because the truth is that deep down, you really don’t want to. Face it, and then ask yourself why. I can’t answer that for you. You need to search the depths of yourself to find out why.

Therein may lie the answer that may set you free.


Good luck!


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