Marie-Pops – Great Party Recipe for Kids

Oh boy, did I have a blast making these! It was goo-ey and it was fun. For the ultimate recipe, I made my own marshmallows. But you can use store bought marshmallows and use them without any difficulty.

For the homemade marshmallows, I followed Shaheen’s recipe.

I put the gooey mess sandwiched between Marie biscuits, and this is how they looked.

mp 2

And the remainder I put in a pan to set.


homemade marshmallows


If you don’t want to make it at home, just place one marshmallow on top of a Marie biscuit, and put it in the oven for 30 seconds. Once the mallow puffs up, place the other biscuit on top of it. Repeat this for as many marie-pops as you want.

My next step was dipping them in melted dark chocolate. Do not use milk chocolate or the whole thing gets too sweet. Use dark chocolate instead.

mp 5

It didn’t look finished and smooth like the  store bought choco-pies, but do you think we cared?

mp 3

Easy recipes for kids – Marie Pops


I inserted a skewer in  each unit and turned it into a Marie-pop. Then I swirled some white chocolate over it for decoration.

I am going to repeat this recipe for Saee’s Princess Birthday Party.

Whaddya think?



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