“This would help people realize that happy Indian families like this also exist.”

I wish all Indian women had families like these! Kudos to the writer’s family and extended family!

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

Sharing an email.


I’m not a blogger myself but i happened to chance upon your blog and trust me it got me hooked. I loved reading your posts and it felt like someone had put words to my thoughts.
What really disturbed be is that I also happened to read about so many instances where girls/daughter in laws are still being treated badly even in the so called “educated upper class society”. It is really sad. No matter how much we try and convince ourselves that our nation is developing, in reality its far from that. Real development should be measured by how much we as  citizens grow and evolve as human beings and not by the number of malls and technology.
Well while reading about the cruelty of society I thought I must share with you my story. Amongst all the stories about oppression maybe this would help people…

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