Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo – Product Review

I bought this shampoo from an online shopping portal about seven months ago. It hasn’t disappointed me yet.


When I was buying it, it seemed a tad bit expensive. But I wanted the best for my baby.

We have been using this shampoo for all this time without a problem. What I love best about it is:

  • It is mild, and very very gentle. I love the way my baby’s hair feels soft after shampooing.
  • No tears at all. It doesn’t sting.
  • You don’t need a whole dollop of shampoo. Just a pea-sized amount creates a rich lather.
  • Easy to wash off. Doesn’t leave residues.
  • Mild fragrance.

I use it sometimes for my older daughter too because I love the smell, and it makes me feel like my older daughter is a baby again.

The market price for this product is Rs. 249/-

My rating: 4/5


13 thoughts on “Mothercare All We Know Baby Shampoo – Product Review

  1. hi gauri came across ur site when i was seeing poonams blog!! can u gv me a more dtl abt this product like is it paraben free or sls or not

  2. i though so …because when i wrote to them they never replied!!!jst a small sugestion why dont u mention the online stored where u shop frm too will be of grt help i an avid online shopper ..and im amids changing my kids toiletries!!!

    • I bought it from Firstcry. I usually buy all my baby products from there as their service is usually prompt. Go for mothercare moisturiser too… it’s very nice on my baby’s skin at least 🙂

  3. after poonam brought in the topic of harmfull ingredients/chemicals in all our cosmetics i made an extensive reading on them ..and after reading them i didnt have the heart to use them on myself nor on my kids ..i am a toatly dove addict fr the last 15 yrs or so ..i changed it immidiatly …nxt came my kids toiletries ..and teh only option was nuby or chicco …again nuby became a bit dicy ..and hence its chicco now ..its chemical free … this i will mstly on my younger one my elder one is being transfered on to my stuff slowly and his supersensitive skin has accepted them ..i follow athumb rule whenever these big names never reply abt these nigling issues means trouble

    • hmmm could be… For both my children I have used these products and I didn’t find any problem as such. Maybe that’s why I didn’t pay any attention to paraben and sls. Both seem to tolerate the products well. But now that you mention it, I’ll be more careful. Thanks 🙂

  4. u know the prob is these things donot have any side effect as such ..they damage in the long term ..if u google these u will see what they do …kids are reaching puberty faster than required …doc are blaming these sythentic additives ..though research is on …bt after knowing this i dont have the heart to use them …as i was nt getting them readily i switched to natural oils …

    • Synthetic additives are present in just about everything today. From personal use items to food products, preservatives are rampantly used. You may be right, I’ll think about switching too. It gives me an idea. Maybe I’ll try to make soap at home 😉

  5. i guess u live in mum too …do let me knw where u get the veg lard frm … i too had the idea to make one khadi came at my rescue ..all are hand made and the comp is transperent ..

  6. oh god its very far away frm my house granny used to make soap @ hm …… a recent discovery ..and i eliminated the besan frm my ubtan ..never use them in the body only feet soles ok …my son in his infancy and myself last yr landed up in serious trouble wth besan …they have a tendency to deposit in pores …and in summers the sweat cudnt clr the pores and bam ..i was all in rash…so my derm …gave me some myth busting fact abt besan ..and its off my regime …i found this did good to our super sensitive skin …neem oil,a bit of lemon ….and a bit of honey ..massage well …and wash of wth little soap …

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