World No Tobacco Day – 31st May, 2013

It is 31st May, and the World No Tobacco day. I know it is too much to ask smokers to completely abstain from their habit even for a day. But I am going to try my best. All I will post today, will be anti-smoking or anti-tobacco posts and some of the best anti-tobacco videos till date.

Enjoy them, and try and stick to your resolve. Let me say this loud and clear. If you are able to reduce smoking by even one cigarette a day, that is success. Success and one step in the right direction. Begin with just one. We didn’t learn running right away. We took our first tentative steps as babies. Let this be your first step towards freedom from a dangerous habit.

All it takes is YOU.

Here is a funny anti-smoking commercial for an Indian News Channel.

Please keep your smoke to yourselves. We don’t want to share it with you.



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