Twigs to Centerpiece – DIY

Saee had brought me back a couple of pinecones from her trip to Ooty. I was wondering how I could use them in a decorative way.

Then out of the blue one day Poonam from Mommygyan posted this link on facebook. She picked a bunch of twigs from her garden and upcycled them to create these two lovely centerpieces.

Instantly I was spurred into action. It was hot as the last day of May summer, and around 4 p.m. when it was still pretty scorching I went down baby and all, to collect twigs. We were all sweating like pigs, the pre-schooler, the baby and me. But we had loads of fun, giggling and getting our hands dirty while looking for dried twigs.

Our watchman looked at me especially with a disgusted look. “What kinda mother brings her kids down in scorching heat to look for trash?” The kinda mother that loves to have fun, and loves to let her children have fun too. Air-conditioners and all are okay, but kids need to learn to live in the open. And they are none the worse for our little soiree.

This is what we brought…


Those are the pinecones that my daughter brought.

What I used

  • White pearl acrylic paint (as I only had that one tube)
  • brushes
  • Maroon chart paper
  • scissors
  • glue

I placed everything on a newspaper, as I didn’t want to get my floor messed up. Then I began my work. It didn’t take too long. But I preferred giving the twigs and the pine  cones a wash-coat first with very dilute paint, and then I gave it a dense final coat.

I then made paper roses out of the chart paper. You will find a tutorial for this here.

I glued them to the twigs, and there… I had something really fancy looking in a matter of minutes!


Thanks Poonam for a wonderful, wonderful idea 🙂

twigs centerpiece

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