Bread rolls – Video Tutorial

Hi Sudha, this one is for your little one 🙂

I am assuming you guys know the recipe for white bread. Please refer to my white bread recipe in the main course section. I use instant yeast (not active dry yeast) that I bought for five bucks from my local bakery. Also the dough should be sticky and you should beat the crap out of it for good twenty minutes.

Let the dough double in size and then punch it again to remove all the air. I know… that’s a shame… bu. you gotta do it. Now your dough is ready to be shaped. And once shaped, cover it with a damp cloth and allow it to prove for ten to fifteen minutes. Then pop it in a preheated oven and bake for a fifteen to thirty minutes.

Here are the images of the finished breads…

bread pig, bunny and rolls

bread pig, bunny and rolls


5 thoughts on “Bread rolls – Video Tutorial

  1. Also I always get immense pleasure whilst baking and bread is one of the products that make me swoon(since my IHM days), especially that aroma of baking bread! Ummm unbeatable…

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