Hairstyles for kids – Curls without Heat

When my daughters were born I was excited on two counts. A daughter becomes your true best friend the moment she is born. Having a daughter also means cute clothes, hairstyles, accessories, and all the lovely girlie stuff.

Sayalee with a ribbon bow

Sayalee with a ribbon bow

But with great excitement comes great responsibility! You know you want to pamper your princess in every conceivable way, but you want to be careful too. I love working with my daughter’s hair, braiding and knotting, and decorating it with accessories. But I do not want to compromise on the health of her hair. Which is why I am absolutely against heat, blow dryers, and chemicals in her hair. Whatever must be done, must be done naturally.

Sayalee with the Tiara I made for Saee

Sayalee with the Tiara I made for Saee

This is how I curl her hair into lovely waves without using any heat whatsoever.

Saee's hair without the curls

Saee’s hair without the curls

As you can see she has straight hair. It isn’t poker straight, but not curly. I love her hair and its texture. But sometimes she wants them curled.

Things you will need

  • comb
  • spray bottle with plain water
  • rubber bands
She says she looks like a tortoise.. I say she looks cute!

She says she looks like a tortoise.. I say she looks cute!

Section the hair into right and left, down the center if you usually do a center parting, or a little off-center if you do a side parting.

Now divide it into smaller sections depending upon how small or large you want the curls to be. Smaller curls = smaller sections.

Start rolling the hair in the direction you want the curls to be in. I usually roll them away from her face. So it is towards the left on the right side of her face and towards the right on the left side of her face.

saee hair 2

Keep rolling till the section begins to curl around itself. When it curls completely, tie a rubber band around it. Repeat for all the other sections.

Use a spray bottle to spray a little water on the curled sectios. You don’t need to spray too much water, just a little dampness will do.

Allow the hair to dry out completely. If your daughter has patience (quite unlike mine!) you can leave them this way for a little while longer.

saee hair 3

Remove the sections one by one. Run your fingers through the curls. Do not use a comb.


saee hair 4

Gather a section and tie a lovely accessory around it. You have a lovely hairstyle without using any heat or chemicals!

saee hair 6 saee hair 5

Is it neat or what? Do you love the look?


2 thoughts on “Hairstyles for kids – Curls without Heat

  1. OMG I used to “Perm” my hair this way except I would make plaits and leave it on whole night for te permed effect the next morning. In my junior college days!!! Classic.

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