Crochet Rose Hairband – DIY

I love hair accessories for my kids. I had seen this kind of hairband in the market and wanted to make one for my kid. I had some length of blue crochet thread (the one that is used to make purses, totes, and bags). I also had a plain black metal hairband. Twenty minutes and this hairband was ready. It looked great and sat pretty in her hair.

There is no video tutorial though, because I was the only one at home and couldn’t crochet and make the video at the same time. So please bear with me. I am posting instead another similar video tutorial for a crocheted rose.

Now, I am a crochet geek, so I know the basics. But if you don’t know crocheting, you will find all that you need to learn here.

This tutorial uses a trim as well. I didn’t have any contrasting thread to trim so I didn’t do it. Instead I stitched a silver round button. I usually keep a large stock of colorful buttons at home. You never know when you are going to need one.

Then I inserted the flower into the hairband and then used a bit more thread to secure it. The flower remains suspended though, so you can change which side it should go to.

Sayalee wearing the crochet rose hairband

Sayalee wearing the crochet rose hairband

Other interesting ideas to use this with:

  • Insert a safety pin in this and use it as a brooch
  • Insert it in a safety pin and use it on a crocheted or a plain sun hat for an interesting look
  • Make tiny roses with a thin thread and use them instead of buttons
  • Make tiny roses and embellish a plain frock or a dupatta with these.
  • Make large roses and sew them end to end to make a delightful winter scarf
  • Attach a thread to one end and use it as a book mark






The possibilities are endless. Once you know how to crochet this rose, you can use it almost anywhere, just brew your imagination a little. 😉

4 thoughts on “Crochet Rose Hairband – DIY

  1. beautiful hair accessory Gauri, I am a total whack then it comes to crochet/ knitting/ stitching. Cant even sew a button properly to save my life. lol You did a great job!

  2. I learnt to crochet from my train “aunty” friends during my IHM days. I have made bags, lipstick covers, potlis, towelettes,a poncho but never this. It’s superb, this will be my project now 🙂 thank you..

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