Unconventional Dad

Father’s day is coming soon, and I’ll be celebrating a Father’s week, in respect to the man who first became my friend, then my companion and now the best father I have ever known. I dedicate these words, to you.  Shrikant Kekre, you are the best husband, but you are the most wonderful and amazing father.

Baba with Sayalee

Baba with Sayalee

From the moment I first opened my eyes and looked for my mother,

You were there, waiting patiently in the aisle,

That you are there to love me more than anyone could love another,

For me to realize when I grow up in a while

Baba and Saee

Baba and Saee

You don’t look like any other father,

And you most certainly don’t act like one,

But it doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t bother,

As to me your brilliance is like the Sun

Baba and Saee 2

Baba and Saee 2

I can laugh with you, and I can cry in your able arms,

I can play with you and climb upon you,

I can fight with you and still be won over by your charms,

There’s no one who can do what you do.

Baba and Saee

Baba and Saee

As the years go by, there may be times we don’t agree,

And we may make each other mad,

But there’s something you’ll always be,

My beacon, my sentry, my Unconventional Dad.

Saee and Baba

Saee and Baba

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! We (Saee, Sayalee and me) love you!

15 thoughts on “Unconventional Dad

  1. Awww ❤ you re all lucky to be part of a family and an awesome family at that! God bless you all wih health wealth peace and contentment!!! Mwaahh

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