Father’s Day Tribute – Hidden Heart Cupcakes

Saee had been pestering me to show her how to make cupcakes. This was brilliant, as I wanted something special for her Dad made by her. Somewhere down the road though, she got bored. Expected from a child her age 🙂

So while I was completing I thought of doing something over-the-top.

I found this cupcake how-to online. But every method I saw, involved using a cookie cutter to pre-cut the heart shapes. They were then all aligned in the same direction. When you cut them, you see a heart hidden in the cupcake. The problem was, that you had to cut the cupcake in a particular position to see the heart shape. Dandy, except I wanted more. I wanted a cupcake which you can bite into anyhow, and still see a heart shape. Tricky? You bet!

When I got down to making it, it was tougher than I thought. Here I am posting a video tutorial of the basic hidden heart cupcakes. Then I’ll tell you how I made it different.

pink cake

pink cake

What I did instead was to crush the pink cake.

Then I used both my hands to make a ball out of the crushed cake. Then I sort of shaped it into a modak. All Indians can relate with this shape!

Then at the base of the modak, I used a sharp knife to cut a cone shape in the center. Something like a shallow V-shaped valley into the center of the base. Hard to explain. But if you imagine it in the cross section, you should be able to visualize a heart shape.

The modak shape

The modak shape

The rest of the procedure was exactly as shown in the video. The only difference? You can cut into it any way you want, make a wedge cut if you wish, and you’ll still see a heart!

Ta da!

My heart is beating... :D

My heart is beating… 😀

I know the one in this pic tipped a bit, but who cares? It looked and tasted divine!




Happy Valentine’s Day… Oops! Happy Father’s Day Shrikant! We love you to bits!



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