Ipad Art Apps: Paper 53 v/s Draw Free

Saee loves to doodle. When it wasn’t on the Ipad, she would love doodling on just about everything from books to floor to wall. Now that we have the Ipad, it’s even better for her.

I downloaded two art apps. They aren’t necessarily meant for kids only. Anyone can use them and they are really versatile. You can create works of genius at the swipe of your finger. The only problem is that in the  free version (the one that we have) the color options are pretty limited.


This app is much better quality-wise is what I feel. The resulting colors the smoothness of the final picture is much better, though in the free version you are limited to using the pen tool, the eraser tool and a couple of colors on your palette. Even then, this is what I could achieve in this app.

Art doodling with Paper app

Art doodling with Paper app

This is what Saee made with this app.

Saee created this image of me... I loved it!

Saee created this image of me… And signed it for me as well 😀

My husband made this doodle when he was exploring this app. The screenshot also shows you the tools available in this app. There is no button to ‘Undo’ what you created, but you can simply swipe your finger in a circular motion in an anti-clockwise direction to undo whatever you want to erase.

Badly need that coffee :)

Badly need that coffee 🙂

I am also posting some stuff that is available  inbuilt sort of like a tutorial as to what you can achieve with this app. Bear in mind that I am not of the calibre to create art like this 😉

20130615-115455.jpg 20130615-115502.jpg

Draw Free

This app has more features than the Paper app. There is a brush tool, a pen tool, crayon tool, erase everything option, a wider color palette, but somehow I didn’t like the image quality in this. The kids won’t mind though.

This is my doodle art on Draw free app.

drfr ipad art1

A screen shot of the tools available in this app.

drfr ipad art 2

You also get free clip art. These are really fun for the kids.

drfr ipad art 4

You can also increase or decrease the brush size. Something that you can’t control in the free version of Paper. All in all many more tools, but less quality.

In my opinion, Paper is a better art app for Ipad. But the best part is, both are free!



Quality – 4/5

Tools – 3/5

Draw Free

Quality – 3/5

Tools – 4/5

What are your opinions on these apps?



Here is a picture of an image as made by my friend Jayanti on the Paper app.


Satyu Pathare


3 thoughts on “Ipad Art Apps: Paper 53 v/s Draw Free

  1. Sorry I voted from your ID by mistake. However, your rating system makes tie between the two, though Paper53 is obvious choice for people like to scribble. I would like to add a few more points :

    Pointer Precision : Paper53 – 4/5, DrawFree 2/5. When I draw something using ‘Draw’ the curves are usually a set of curved lines with sharp corners scattered all along. Check ‘S’ written in the screen shot you attached.

    Storke sensitivity : Paper53 – 4/5 DrawFree 1/5. Draw doesn’t respond to the finger pressure. Whereas if you press harder in Paper53, it results in to a bolder and thicker stroke. There you can achieve a sketch pen effect.

    Graphic Interface and Fronthand : Paper53 – 3/5 DrawFree – 2/5

    I have not used the paid features of Paper, but I am sure if all features taken in account, Paper53 will be clear choice. But even without taking other things in account this makes Paper53 18/25 and DrawFree 12/25.

  2. I use Paper, since I love to doodle and sketch ( have sent you a pic via email of Satyu which I did whilst exploring this) however I havent tried the other one. I love Paper and I think it’s brilliant.. Though I am not sure if would pay ( to satisfy my artistic urges 😝) for the extra stuff it offers.

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