My baby turns 5!

It seems only yesterday. My mind was reeling as people in surgical gowns hastened all around me. I didn’t understand the meaning of being a mother back then. All I knew was that I was going to meet that someone who had been moving inside me all those months. All I knew was that I loved you before you were even born.

7 days old

Saee – 7 days old

It has been five years precisely since. I watched you through your first word, your first tooth, your first step. I watched a magical transformation… from a blissful baby to a truly wonderful preschooler. Soon you let me discover things about you. What makes you happy, what makes you angry, and what gives you satisfaction. You allowed me into your beautiful world, and let me see things that I never knew existed.

Saee - five and half months

Saee – five and half months

Saee - 9 months

Saee – 9 months

Saee - one and half years

Saee – one and half years

Saee - two years old

Saee – two years old




I lived a whole new life through you. You cried, I cried. You laughed, I laughed. Hand in hand we went from playgroup to nursery to Junior Kg. Now you are in Senior Kg, and I can’t help but beam with pride about my lovely little girl who is growing up so fast. It seems as though every time I blink my eyes, one more year has gone by.

wearing Aaji's glasses

wearing Aaji’s glasses

Biker Babe

Biker Babe

First day in Playgroup

First day in Playgroup




Not a moment of these five years, have I not loved you with all my heart. Not a moment of these five years, have I secretly wished to have you fused within me once again, so we can never part.

trying on mommy's shoes

trying on mommy’s shoes

Li'l Princess

Li’l Princess


Now that you are five, there are some things I wish to tell you.

I may scold you sometimes for bad behaviour, but I still love you with all my strength.

I may sometimes behave cuckoo, as many grown ups do due to stresses, but I will never stop loving you.

I may not allow you to do or eat or say certain things, because I only wish the best for you.

First day in nursery

First day in nursery

First stage performance

First stage performance


You may or may not understand this now, but when you are all grown up and mature, you will realize why I did whatever I did. Try and accept me for who I am even then, as you do now.

With Sayalee

With Sayalee

I love you, my baby. And as long as I live, my heart will beat for you. And when I am gone, that part of my heart which is you, will live for me.

May God bless you with abundance.

love you baby!

love you baby!

Happy Birthday, love!

Yours always,




10 thoughts on “My baby turns 5!

  1. Its very nice to see that you have archive of all the valuable moments of Sayee’s life (as well as sayalee’s).
    Your little princess is indeed a real Princess as she is nurturing under the guidance of “King and Queen” i.e. “Mr. and Mrs. Kekre”

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