Mind Power (Avis Creations) – Game for Preschoolers – Product Review

This birthday Saee got this game as a gift. In the beginning she wasn’t much excited about it. Today before school she was intent on watching television. I want to discourage her from this habit. So I suggested we play a game instead. This game seemed like a perfect idea.

The box

The box

It has a board with 6*6 square windows. You have nine different cards which u insert in the slot in the main board. You also have 37 pegs, 36+1 extra, for placing in the slots.

The pegs placed in the slots

The pegs placed in the slots

How the game is played:

  • Each child begins with two chances to open the pegs at random. If the pictures in the slots match, the child gets two more turns.
  • If the pictures don’t match, the next player gets two chances.
  • The game continues till all the pegs are off the board.
  • The player with maximum number of pegs gets the card.
  • The next card is placed in the slot and the game begins once more.
  • The player with the maximum such cards wins the game.
The card within the slot

The card within the slot

What I liked about the features:

  • The game is quite engaging and fun.
  • There are ten cards each with different types of match-type. For eg., there is one card where you have to match identical pictures, one card where you have to match the corresponding small letter with capital alphabets.
  • Easy for kids 5 yrs and above.
  • Priced reasonably at Rs. 295/-


What I didn’t like:

  • The pegs sometimes don’t fit well into the slots. It would have been better if the pegs were polished a bit better. Nothing a little sandpapering can’t fix though.
the ten cards

the ten cards

My rating:

Entertainment: 4/5

Quality: 3/5

Price: 4/5

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