Rags to Roses – DIY Hairclip


What do we need for survival? The species of bloggy-moms like Poonam from Mommygyan, Vandana from Mumsphere, Priya from Shishuworld, Swapna from The Mom Views, and moi? A little itsy-bitsy thing here and there, and a whole lot of imagination.

I found a rag. A tiny leftover piece from my mother-in-law’s saree. It couldn’t have been more than half a foot long. The edges were uneven, and it was destined for the bin.

I was darning a few clothes, when I saw this. Immediately a bulb went off in my head. I folded the rag in half and sewed along the edge.

I then flipped it right side out.

It looked like a strap. Along the stitched edge I sewed a running stitch and pulled it from both the ends.

Now I had a frilly semi-curved thing at hand.

I started rolling from one end, and stitching the base at the same time.

By the time I reached the end, I had a rose! Viola!


I sewed it to a bobby pin to make a cute clip for my girls. Can you guess who’s in the picture though?




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