Memories Revisited

I have a habit of saving things. From buttons, to threads to old letters, I save it all. I sometimes border on obsessive because of this habit.

The obsession has blunted somewhat now. Thanks to parenthood, it has been largely restricted to a few favorites baby things, and paintings and doodles made by Saee. What Sayalee makes for me to save, remains to be seen. Waiting eagerly for that day.

Sometimes I even forget what I have saved. All too suddenly one day, these things pop out from nowhere and take me back down the memory lane.

Like today. I was decluttering the closets when I found these.


My wedding invitation

My wedding invitation

I also found a greeting card from my friends Anita, Anushree and Sahana.


Sahana, Anita and Anu, not only is the OTG you guys gifted me, the most used wedding gift, I saved this card too! Thanks once again for being such lovely friends 🙂




Then came the journey into motherhood, and my best friend sent me this card from Goa. She wasn’t married at that time. Now she herself has been blessed with a bonny baby boy . Shweta thanks for always being there.







And then Sayalee got a hold of my wedding invitation!


Please ignore what you see behind her 😦



2 thoughts on “Memories Revisited

  1. When I read this, I just remembered – I don’t think I have a copy of my wedding invitation!! But I do have a little pouch with Cub’s first onesie, little pair of socks and related stuff. I love looking at all of it once in a while for the ‘Awww’ feeling!!

  2. i have been named bhangarwali my husband ..i hoard like anything …spcly things of 1st …which includs the 1st weding card,kids 1st dress,socks,umbilical cord clip,HPT card(lost the elder ones…:( ),my dress which i wore when i met my husband fr the 1st time…etc etc…as u said fab … i too love looking at them …

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