Grocery Bag – DIY

This was supposed to be a one hour project. But when you have a child in school and another dealing with separation anxiety, it becomes a three to four hour project. I have been wanting to make this type of cloth grocery bag since a long time. Actually the seed germinated when my plarn (plastic yarn) project failed miserably. I had many plastic bags and was wondering how to upcycle them. I read about plarn, and crocheting it into wonderful bags (see here).

Turns out it was harder than I imagined. I wasn’t even one-fourth into the crocheting when my neck began hurting as if it was going to split. I think it was because of my spondylitis, but this project just didn’t work. Sob sob 😦

Sad, because I had imagined so many beautiful projects from what I had.

Still, the idea for not using any more plastic bags, especially not adding to the current hoard of plastic bags in my house, had taken root in my mind. I ruminated for quite a while before actually deciding on using some spare pieces of cloth I had to make this grocery bag.

I found an excellent tutorial here.

I made my bag on a similar template.

The finished product

The finished product

And yes the best part is that it is foldable. I can fold it manifold and put it in my purse.


Can you see that little strap on top? I made that slight change from the previous pattern. Yarngeek (I don’t know her name, it isn’t mentioned on her blog) added a button and a loop to fold the bag and keep the fold in place. I instead attached a stickable velcro, which I found in Star Bazaar for 22 bucks. Awesome find, I can already think of a million uses for this stickable velcro.

After folding it completely the velcro sticks to its counterpart on the underside of the bag. Like this…

The fully folded bag

The fully folded bag

It kind of looks like a wallet that can fit anywhere in your purse. It is large enough though to carry at least 6 kgs of fruits and vegetables.

Husband loves it. I hope you like it too. You can easily make it from this tutorial on Yarngeek’s blog.

You do need a basic idea of sewing and a functional sewing machine. 😛 😛

One more look at my bag.



Happy weekend folks!


6 thoughts on “Grocery Bag – DIY

  1. as i often tell u i have so many stuff to buy on my wish list latest addition is a sewing machine …after seeing so many stuff made by u ..and some other bloggers ..i feel like doing too ..and everytiem running to a local darzee fr some help …is too hectic ..lets c …

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