When Mommies want Mommy

What is it about being a mommy? You never fully comprehend until you become one. You never understand the little things your own mom did and does for you day-in and day-out.

I fell sick yesterday. All of a sudden from being well to having a temperature well above 102 degrees, I took to the bed. The head was reeling as though I had just been in a rollercoaster. Only it didn’t feel exciting at all. The backache was a factor adding to my already soaring misery. With no one else to help around in the house, I remembered the only person we all remember in such days. My mom.

One call, and she put all her prior engagements on hold to be by my side. It was late and raining, and yet she hopped on to a bus and traveled 40 kilometers so she could take care of me. I felt relief almost immediately, majorly because that instinct took over. My mom is here, now everything will be alright. Just thinking thus made me feel better right away.

Immediately I could smell a pot of her delicious tomato soup simmering on my stove. A cup of steaming soup soothed my throat and cleared the congestion. From worrying about how I was going to do everything, to getting a really good night’s sleep, my mom was the reason I am able to even blog today.

There is truth in that statement, “God can’t be everywhere, so he made mothers!”

I love you, Mom! With all my heart.


4 thoughts on “When Mommies want Mommy

  1. Moms and their Magic wands, that actually make things alright. I have had her support on two major break downs of my life and that totally changed my perspective about her and our relationship.

    And get well soon dear!!!

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