My Window Farm Produce

It’s been a helluva long time since I last made a post. It began with me falling sick, then one by one the kids fell sick to the same virus. Then they got better and I got lackadaisical. Kept procrastinating until I was finally able to pluck the tomatoes today. I just had to post the image.

If you remember I had written a post about how to grow your own tomatoes. That was exactly one month ago.

Here is the update on that.

The tomatoes and chillies from my window farm

The tomatoes and chillies from my window farm

Yes those are the tomatoes. The chillies are also home grown and from a single potted plant by the way. The tomatoes are a tad smaller than those we get in the market. But one bite into them and I could taste the difference! They tasted like flavour was concentrated in every bite.

The chillies I have had before. I can’t bite into them directly but yes, I do require half the quantity I normally use in my food.

I am already dreaming of the salad I am going to make tonight… #drooling!

Guys the fruit of labour is indeed very very sweet. Grow your own stuff and see how heavenly it feels.

Happy Farming!


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