Doll Cake

Saee wanted a doll cake for her birthday. I couldn’t make it for her back then. But her wish had been at the back of my mind ever since. Finally I decided to give it a go.

doll cake mb

Poonam from Mommygyan, you are my inspiration!

I used this recipe to make the sponge cakes.

  • I made three sponge cakes. Then split each cake into half.
  • I don’t have a turntable. So I used an inverted steel plate to do my decorating and stuff.
  • I placed the first layer and topped it up with whipped cream and blueberry preserve.
  • I placed the second layer and topped it with whipped cream and chopped cherries
  • Continued this way till the last layer.
  • Then I used a sharp knife to cut a hole in the center of the stacked cakes. Not too deep though, about two inches. The diameter was about one inch.
  • I covered the lower half of Barbie with cling film. Then pushed the doll in the center of the stacked cakes.
  • Skewer sticks used for chicken satay or kebabs are perfect to act as support. Cake dowels might have been too thick. Inserted three skewers into the cake around the doll. I marked the height with a pen and removed the skewers. Then I cut the skewers at that marking and re-inserted them into the cake.
  • Then I used a sharp knife to carve the cake into a dress form.
  • I used whipped cream in a thin layer to make a crumb coat. Then I placed the cake in the fridge so that it cools a little.
  • Once it was cooled, I used one more thin layer of whipped cream. With the remaining whipped cream I divided it into three bowls. One I left white, the other I coloured a light pink and the last bowl I coloured a darker pink.
  • I’ll post a video for how to do a two-toned icing. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought.
  • I used edible pink pearls that I bought from Gourmet Company to decorate the dress.

A few pointers:

  1. I kept all my sponge cakes in the fridge after wrapping them in cling film.
  2. I did all my decorating with a star tip and small round tip. I don’t have a lot of baking and icing paraphernalia.
  3. I used Tropolite Non-Dairy Whipping Cream . I am really pleased with the result. Taste-wise, it is much better than Rich’s whipping cream and stability-wise much much better than heavy cream. It hasn’t fallen apart even after 24 hours.

doll cake mb 2

I just want to say that it was a little intimidating, but not impossible to make this cake. I am sure everyone can do it with a little confidence and practice.

Happy Cooking!

9 thoughts on “Doll Cake

  1. am really amazed…i took baking lessons but never really thought will be doing anything…your barbie cake encourages me to try one…:)

  2. This is too good Gauri! Just when I suggested that you should open a handmade stuff shop you have made me speechless with your baking talent! Way to go girl!

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