My first Fondant Experience

So after my attempt at the Barbie cake which went pretty well, I was now keen to try my rather chubby hands at fondant. Whooaa! Was I naive! I thought it looked so easy. It was only when I dug my hands in the first sticky pot of fondant that I realised that this was a force to reckon with.

baby bassinet fondant cake

baby bassinet fondant cake

Fondant has a mind of its own. You must train yourself to train fondant to obey you. There are things the fondant doesn’t like, and there are things the fondant hates.

1.)Heat – Fondant doesn’t like hot temperatures.

2.)Humidity – Fondant absolutely abhors humidity and will behave like a tantrum-throwing diva-esque starlet at the slightest hint of it.

3.)Hands – Your hands better have a tendency to remain cool.


Here I was. Working in the sweltering Mumbai heat, in conditions of 95% humidity and I have a tendency to have rather warm hands. DISASTER!!!

Everything kept going pear shaped. The fondant wouldn’t mould properly. It kept falling apart. And when it did finally manage to sit in position, it began sweating. Bleh!


Four things kept me going which helped me complete my rather naively ambitious project.

  1. Wild determination to complete it anyhow.
  2. A little bit of Tylo powder
  3. A whole lot of cornstarch
  4. Air-conditioning where I had it, and refrigeration where I didn’t. (Yup, I refrigerated fondant! So kill me!)


The final output was messier than I had hoped. There were patches which I had cleanly forgotten to smoothen. There were bits of cornstarch scattered everywhere which I forgot to dust off before the photo-op.

I learned a lot though. But what I learned most was this:

  1. I love fondant, and working with it allows me to express my creativity like never before.
  2. Fondant cakes touch hearts the way regular pretty cakes can’t. They simply can’t.


All I hope is that Makrand and Dipti for whom I made this baby shower cake, loved the surprise. I wish them loads of luck and blessings for their soon to be born lovely bonny baby!



6 thoughts on “My first Fondant Experience

  1. We loved the Cake and the Surprise, Cake was Beautiful and yummy as well. After you went Dipti didnt allowed me to cut the cake as she was affraid that my Bindas use of knife will ruine it beauty. Whenever i want to had a bit, i need to ask her to get it for me.:(

  2. I am not that into fondant, perhaps because of the patience factor or because I personally don’t enjoy eating it and my zero to none creativity skills 😛 but I know how much efforts must have gone into this.. A Filipino friend of mine here does these cakes and she is fab! Her ultimate dream like mine is to have her own cake shop.. If you’d like I can introduce you to her on FB for sharing tips and fondant guan, though I know the Internet has loadsa stuff too! And again, this is awesome.

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