Krrish Cake

Last night after many nights I finally slept for seven hours straight! What a refreshing feeling! It helped that Sayalee didn’t wake up except for an early morning feed. Truly bliss!

And then my help came in gushing with news from yesterday. I made a cake for her brother, William. William turned fifteen yesterday, and being the youngest sibling in the family, which is of limited means to begin with, Gracy told me that they had never celebrated his birthday. Something about this moved me. I wanted not just to make a cake for him, but to make something that would make up for all the lost years.

I learnt that he is a huge Hrithik Roshan fan, and especially loves his superhero character Krrish. It was daunting. I had never made fondant figurines before. I spent many many sleepless nights, trying my hand at play-doh first. The weather was not helping either… We have 90% humidity averaging throughout last week.

The figurines were not that great. Definitely amateurish. I am a work in progress I guess.


The cake itself was Chocolate Genoise sponge cake with ganache filling. Gracy came in this morning with gushing reviews. I am happy that William was exhilarated with the cake and not just the look, even the taste. Everyone loved it.


It helps that the new trailer for the upcoming Krrish 3 has just been released. It adds to the whole theme of this cake. I tried to create a Singapore skyline behind the two figurines. I couldn’t make all the buildings, but these are some that prominently stand out on the skyline pictures that I saw. Never been there… hope to go one day #daydreaming!


Happy birthday dear William. I hope you enjoyed your day and hope that I could make a small contribution to making it special for you. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Krrish Cake

  1. Really sweet gauri…….the cake looks amazing and the thght behind it even more………this must be one bday william will never forget…..

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