How to Recycle Old Crayons

Everyone who has kids under the age of ten will identify with this when I say that there are like gazillion crayons at home. Some of them are still intact while others are broken and forgotten. I had been pondering about the possible use of these crayons. They are so colorful it is just a shame to throw them away, isn’t it? Being a true to the bone Cancerian, I find it especially difficult to let go of things. I find it impossible to let go. Period.


crayons (Photo credit: dyetochange)

Then I came across a couple of tutorials online where they melted crayons and poured them in cupcake moulds. My cupcake moulds are precious to me, I won’t for the life of me, do anything to them. I have these silicone moulds which have been largely unused so far. I thought of using them not only because the whole process would be much easier in a microwave, but also because it would be much easier to clean the silicon moulds. Not that I ever cook anything in them.

funky necklace


They are shaped like mini bundt pans. So I got the idea that if I melted the crayons in these, there would be a hole in the center. I then simply ran a ribbon through the hole and viola! I had a funky necklace with which she could color to her heart’s content.


funky necklace 2

What you’ll need:

Well it is not great, but here is one of the c...

Well it is not great, but here is one of the crayon pics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Old bits of crayons
  • Silicon Moulds
  • Microwave

Chop up any larger crayons into small bits. This way they melt easily.

Mix some colors to get beautiful patterns.

Place them in silicon moulds. Put the mould in the microwave and melt them at max power in two minute increments until the crayons are completely melted.

Use oven mitts to remove them as the mixture is really hot. Do not stir, or you will get an unsightly brown or grey color.

Allow the mixture to cool completely and then unmould.


funky necklace 3


  1. Add glitter to the molten crayons for some extra funkiness.
  2. You can use different shaped moulds to make different shaped crayons.
  3. Use paraffin wax (which you will find at a local craft store) and melt it. Add it to a candle mould and place the crayons in it at different intervals, place a wick in the center and you have a funky new candle!

The possibilities are endless, just use a little imagination and brew it!

Happy Brewing!


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