Couch Shopping – The Jabong Way!

My mom’s a big fan of Jabong. I know, it should’ve been the other way round. Should’ve been me to suggest to her to buy from Jabong. Yet somehow I was very apprehensive of shopping online. I prefer buying from a store or a mall, where I can check the fabric, the texture, the look and the fit, before spending the moolah. However, when I saw the handbags she’d bought, I had to change my mind.

Still not one to experiment with my own clothes, I first decided to take a look around in the kids’ section. I went crazy! There were just so many options to choose from. I didn’t want to spend big bucks, so I chose to filter my search to price range between 100 and 500 and I was pleasantly surprised to find really great and trendy wear for kids of all ages.


I especially loved their watches section for kids.

jabong 4 jabong 5 jabong 6 jabong 7 jabong 8 jabong 9 jabong 10 jabong 11 jabong 12 jabong 13 jabong 14 jabong 15


But my daughter is still pretty young to take care of watches, so those are going to have to wait.

However I went ahead and bought this lovely top for her.

jabong main


It was shipped to me in two days flat! But even before that, they amazed me. I received sms notifications and email notifications about my order, confirmation, shipping and current status of the shipment. They gave me a tracking number, so I could track the whereabouts of my shipment. But the best part, and I mean it, was that the day I was to receive it, I got a notification from their shipping partner, that my package will be delivered on that day. It happens often, that whenever I have ordered other stuff like books, or groceries online, I am always on the edge and afraid to leave my home because you never know when the shipment would arrive. This was a big plus point for me.


When I finally got the top I ordered for my girl, I was really happy with the way it was packaged. Neatly folded and bubble wrapped. It fit well, and the fabric was fantastic and soft! Even my daughter loved the new top. But say, had I not liked the top, or the way it fit, I could have returned it within 30 days! How cool is that! Shopping, stress free and from the comfort of your couch! You don’t like what you bought? Return it!


Now that I’ve tasted blood though, there ain’t no stopping me! #Evil laughter.

I have definitely seen some handbags and some tops I’d love to try. That, I think, is sort of a warning signal for my husband. 😉



One thought on “Couch Shopping – The Jabong Way!

  1. Gauri,, speaking from experience, this will soon become an addiction. Window shopping at your convenience and without the cost of petrol. ye hui na baat!

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