The Mystery of the Chicken and the Egg

Quite often in life we come to a peculiar crossroads, where we are faced with two choices. But making a decision is quite difficult, if not impossible. For example, say you want to start a business, for which you need money, but you have no money because the job you do pays you peanuts. So basically, you want to do a business because you want to make more money, but you need more money so you can start the business. You see? What came first? The chicken or the egg?

I have been ruminating on this question for a while now. Not just for me, but countless other poor souls, who just like me end up getting churned like a lassi in this otherwise ho-hum in the doldrums life.

We definitely know of people who have broken this vicious cycle and made it big regardless of the odds against them. We know of people who have been able to crack the code, and find the treasure, so to speak.

What did these guys do differently?

The answer according to me, is that they said to themselves,

“Sod it, I must do it, because I want to do it anyhow!” Does that even make sense?

The other day, I was watching a youtube video.

This one.

Forget about everything else, I am not running a finance class here. What tweaks my brow here, is that 1% guy who controls the big slice of the money pie. He lives THE life. He needs no heaven after death, his heaven is here. How did he get there?

I’d be lying through the concealed diastema of my front teeth, if I were to say that I don’t want money. No shit! I want the moolah! I want to see it, hold it, smell it and see it sitting fat in my bank account.

But that’s not what this post is about either. What I am trying to get at, so unsuccessfully thus far, is that this guy must have had his share of chicken-egg crossroads. What did he choose? What was his method?

I am no expert at money, and my husband will uproariously and furiously say ‘Amen!’ to that, but here’s what I think.

It doesn’t matter. Whoever came first, life doesn’t give two fangs which got the first place. As long as something did. You choose, the chicken or the egg, and here are the keywords, MAKE IT WORK.

Choose the chicken by all means, make a curry! Or choose the egg, and make an omelette. As long as you stick to your guns. You want to move on in your career, but it means risking a lot of stuff right now? You either choose to risk, and make it work. Give it your 200% and make it work. Or, choose to stay back, and make that work, so that you are able to take a safer jump in due time. Either way, life needs you to choose. Life needs you to take action. If you stay behind contemplating, you will end up years later still contemplating, and counting your coulda-shoulda-wouldas.

Choose the chicken, or choose the egg. It doesn’t matter as long as you figure out how to get to where you want to be.

And that my dear friend, is the answer of the chicken-egg mystery.


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