Chocolate Hazelnut Ice cream Recipe

There are some good things in this world. And then there is ice cream. Honestly, who ever made this product for the first time, must have been a genius. The sweet flavors, creamy and smooth texture, the cold zingy feel on your palate… overall goodness!

I remember I used to love Natural’s Ice cream as a kid. Every Sunday we would all go out after dinner for a walk, my mom, my brother and me. We would have sumptuous meals and then we would walk over to the nearby Natural’s  outlet. Usually we would make a resolution to stick to just one ice cream. However once there, we couldn’t stop ourselves from having a second round. It was one of the few things I looked forward to on every weekend. I loved their apricot ice cream, and fig ice-cream. But my real favorite was the seasonal Litchi ice cream. Pieces of the fruit intertwined with the creamy perfection to give you that ultimate foodie ambrosial feeling.

Those days are just an imprint in my memory now. Life has moved on. We have, too.

My daughters both love ice cream. And I had like a whole lot of milk left over in my fridge. When I googled about what to do with leftover milk, this recipe was put forth. The one I read was for a base ice cream. I just added some chocolate hazelnut spread to it, to turn it into a chocolate hazelnut ice cream. The result was awesome! For the first time ever, my husband told me, “You have turned into a fine chef!” 🙂

It wasn’t too difficult making it, and the total cost came to less than 100 rupees, which is amazing! I urge you to try it at least once. Once you know how to make the base ice cream, there is no dearth to what you can make! I have already begun imagining flavors! Guava and raisin, coffee and walnut, gulkand… just to name a few.


For the base:

500 ml milk

8 tbsp sugar

1 tsp vanilla

3 tbsp cornflour

1 and ½ tbsp GMS powder

1 pinch stabilizer

1 pinch CMC powder

3 tbsp milk powder

1 cup Tropolite whipping cream


For the flavor:

Chocolate Hazelnut spread

toasted hazelnuts to garnish



In half a cup of milk, dissolve all the powders and vanilla. In the remaining milk, add the sugar and bring it to a rolling boil.

Now reduce the heat and add the half cup of milk. Keep stirring till the mixture thickens. It should be thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, but not thicker than this or it will turn to pudding.

Strain this mixture into an aluminum tin and cover it with cling film. Place the tin into the freezer compartment of your fridge.

Chill thoroughly for about 5 to 6 hours.

After it has chilled, cut it into pieces and place it in a bigger container. Add the whipping cream, and mix with a hand mixer on high speed, till the whole mixture looks uniform and smooth.

If you refrigerate it as it is, it will be vanilla ice cream.

Spoon about 3 tbsps of chocolate hazelnut spread into the base ice cream. (I used Nutella)

You can mix more or less, depending upon your taste, and you can mix it uniformly. I let it remain streaky, because that’s how I like my ice creams.

Place once again in an aluminum tin, and cover with cling film. Place it back in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Your ice cream is ready. Serve garnished with chocolate flakes or toasted hazelnuts.

choc-hazel icecream



  • Once the cornflour mixture has been added to the boiling milk, keep stirring continuously. Otherwise there is a risk of the custard burning.
  • The base of the aluminum tin should always touch the base of the freezer compartment.
  • Always make the base ice cream plain. Any flavors, fruits, compotes, crushes, should be added at the whipping stage or after.

I hope you are able to make gourmet ice creams too, and impress your families the way I impressed mine. Please do let me know how your ice creams turned out.

Happy Cooking!

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