APAD… Day 2: The dreamy tigress

Meet my friend and ace photographer Suraj Ravindra Das. The original wild child. I present to you one of his gems.


Suraj and I were in school together. He is a senior to me by one year, though. We always looked up to him. He was always the all rounder. Great at studies, singing, dancing… you name it. He has won multiple awards and certificates in his academic years.

It was but natural for him to choose engineering as his career option. It usually is, like with the best of us. He completed his engineering and was working a steady job. But the wild child in him wouldn’t let him be happy otherwise. He quit his engineering career to become what he always wanted… a wildlife photographer. He is now a certified herpetologist with a special interest in entomology. He has appeared in various photography magazines such as Smart Photography as the Master Craftsman in their print edition. He work has also been displayed in various exhibitions, the recent one being held at the Rotary Club of Chembur. He has traveled to all the nooks and crannies of India in search of the perfect wildlife photograph. This is the image of a Tigress he clicked in Tadoba Tiger Reserve.

Suraj Tigress

While most of his pictures are breathtaking, there is something about this particular image of the tigress that moved me. I mean, here is a fierce animal, merely the growl of which is sure to send anyone scampering for shelter, in all its beauty. She lies there as if in contemplation. You don’t know if animals think, but here you see her eyes and you are moved to believe that the tigress is thinking, she is actually thinking. Could there be any other picture of any other woman clicked in such a beautiful dreamy manner?

The quality of the picture is dreamlike. You feel as though you may reach out to her and stroke her face (of course you can’t).

Kudos, Suraj. Of all your tiger pictures, this is the one that I loved the most.


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