APAD. Day 3: The Graceful Dancer

Wow, last night was one good party. And it was good because my kids not only behaved themselves, but had fun! Far cry from the wild parties we had as unmarried, carefree youngsters, but I don’t think I have the tolerance level for those parties anymore. Which is to say, I am probably getting old. Hmmf!


The picture that I am posting today, is one of the best photography sessions I have ever had. My first born, Saee, was only a couple of months old. I was in Indore, attending a Saraswat Samaj function, where Mayuri (who since has become a good friend) was performing a kathak recital.

Mayuri Ranganekar is one of the most graceful dancers I have seen. She lives in Indore and has her own dance classes. I wish I could send Saee to her for learning Kathak.

mayuri dance

I was very very young and bullheaded when this old Kathak teacher Annu guruji used to come to my house to teach me Kathak. I loved the dance, but did not have the discipline to stay put and practice. I would find reasons and excuses to run away, and there were times when I simply hid somewhere and pretended not to hear my mother call out to me. Well, kids do the darnedest things!

I so sorely regret it now. Thereafter, I never did complete my dance lessons. I was a good dancer, and I could have become the best if I had a little discipline and drive. But whether I can dance now or not, I do certainly have an eye for good dances. And having that little edge, of knowing when the dancer will take a pause, or when the feet are going to be steady, allows me to click good pictures of a dance performance.

On the day this picture was clicked, the lights were extremely low and unfavorable for photography. I had to test run a couple of times before I could find that perfect setting. Saee was about six months old. My mother-in-law pushed me to go take pictures while she looked after Saee. The pictures turned out so well, that Mayuri had them enlarged, framed and put up in her dance studio.

For the rest of the pictures, you can click here.

I posted this picture because she looks so graceful here. Her stance, her pose, everything speaks about flowing beauty. But if you pay close attention, what I love best about this picture is the way her eyes look. So completely in the character of Yashoda. While she was dancing, she had forgotten that she was Mayuri. She was Yashoda calling out to her beloved Krishna.

I wish I could do a little more photography everyday. I miss “seeing” things.


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