APAD. Day 5: Listerine Mines of Serbia

There are some things in this world which are so indescribably beautiful, it stops your heart just to look at them. You can only mesmerize in their beauty and praise God’s creation. God must be an artist. I see the art adorning my wall (crayon art by my daughter) and I feel it is one of the most beautiful things ever. It may mean nothing to someone else. But to me, these drawings and doodles are priceless. Amongst them, is a note written in an unsteady four-year old handwriting. It says, “I LOV U MAMA.” It overwhelms my heart every time I look at it. Too bad, as adults we can’t always show the emotions we feel.


I came across this picture on this wonderful photo sharing site called Imgur. Thousands and thousands of photos and gifs to share on your blog or wherever. Absolutely vast database of images. This is where I came across this stunning picture of Listerine Mines of Serbia.

via Imgur

via Imgur

Believe it or not, this is just the picture of a frozen lake. In Serbia, there is a lake called Lake Baikal. It is one of the largest fresh water bodies on the face of this earth. In fact, it is so large that it contains one-fifth of the fresh water of the entire earth. Amazing isn’t it?

When it turns cold from January to May, the lake is mostly frozen. However, the water of the lake is so clear, so crystal clear that even in the frozen state you can see the floor of the lake. I quote a line from The Guardian, from an article written by Mike Carter.

Beneath our feet, the ice was two metres thick, but such is the purity of Baikal’s water that it is as translucent as cut glass, allowing you to see down, past the trapped bubbles, to the kelp forests below. This induced a sense of acute vertigo, not helped by the symphony of bangs and snapping, like the sound of distant gunfire, as the ice shifted.

Brilliantly written article, I may add. You can find the article here.

What happens to the lake in March though, is that the weather conditions, the winds and the temperature shifts, cause the ice to break and parts of it lift up to reveal the most spectacular slabs of turquoise ice, which gives the lake its name, the Listerine Mines. It does have that color of the mouthwash.

It amazes you to think that such breathtakingly beautiful places exist. I hope I am able to visit this place at least once in my life time. There may or may not be much to do around these parts, but I ain’t the typical traveler either. I do not like parties and touristy places. What I love, is the rather quaint destination, where there is not much tourism, but that is what restores its pristine beauty. Call it what you may, but commercial tourism often destroys natural beauty of a place.

Seeing a picture like this restores your faith in God. If there may be a heaven, it must look something like this, don’t you think?


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