APAD. Day 7. Isolation

I picked this picture today because it reminds me of the blissful freedom I once had. I do love my life now, but there are times when I still yearn to be alone, to connect with the me within myself.


I was actually browsing for people photographs when I stumbled upon this image. It doesn’t have anything to do with people prima facie. But a closer look and you realize it speaks more about being human than a picture with actual people.

source: photopin.com

source: photopin.com

You can see a couple standing farther in the distance. Oblivious to being photographed. In their own private world. Much like I used to be. Before kids, I was much of a loner. I never hung out much with friends, preferring instead to hangout with my camera. My little town called Vasai is home to many picturesque beaches. Now the sanctity of the pristine sands has been lost to footfalls. However, years ago while they were still beautiful, the waters would call to the Cancerian in me.

See the picture I clicked all those years ago.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre

I didn’t know anything about Photoshop then. A friend (who incidentally I still haven’t met) Prerak Vyas, edited this picture for me. The only thing I knew was to picture the frame in my mind, get down to business, which often meant getting down and dirty and clicking away. Also something to note, that this picture was clicked on an old fashioned film SLR. There were no mistakes to be done back then. You had to calculate the aperture, shutter speed and ISO before clicking. You had to make sure that the frame was just right. That the focus was perfect. It helped that I didn’t wear glasses back then. Today thanks to digital, I can allow myself a few out-of-focus pictures before getting that elusive perfect photograph. But not in those days. Back then, there were no double takes.

Back then I didn’t even know what blogging was. I used to have a journal. A real paper and pen journal, which I toted along with me everywhere and wrote whenever I had thoughts. Suffice it to say my journals filled up pretty darn quickly. Not these days. I don’t have as many thoughts as I used to. At least not many of note. It is more about breakfast, lunch, dinner, kids, school, husband, work, chores… pretty much. And the blog whenever I get the time.  I can finish writing, without being messy, within a couple of minutes. Digital media allows you a lot of perks.

Except for that one thing. A much needed me time.


6 thoughts on “APAD. Day 7. Isolation

  1. Superb click.The way u candidly describe ur feelings behind the photos is mesmerising. Hope U can get more me time n continue using perks of digital media to post more b’ful posts like this.

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