APAD. Day 9. My first Haiku

I first read Haiku on a friend’s blog about six months ago. I found the style of Haiku quite interesting. Yet, I had never tried my hands at Haiku before. This is a first attempt. Please give me your feedback when you read it.


It is interesting how much can be written in just seventeen syllables. I often find myself wanting to say more, not less. In a way, it is like a 30-second ad film. A director’s art shows through in how well he can weave a story in just thirty seconds. Some of my friends write excellent poetry. I have never dabbled in it, except for a few childish puppy-love-silly rhymes. No serious poetry was ever written by me. But this picture, I don’t know, it is just so poetic! Kudos to whoever has clicked it! It makes even a dry person like me want to compose a poem. So for my first poem, I chose Haiku. Why? Because it needn’t rhyme… hahahaha!

©CubaDiaries via Flickr

©CubaDiaries via Flickr

The wind gushes past,

  the fences, across the grass,

      Where the sky meets the earth.

She walks in the fields

Her soft hair caressing her face,

Blue eyes look away

Patiently she waits,

To see some sign, any sign,

Of him coming back

The sun sets again,

A sigh and a broken heart.

Tomorrow again.

I’d appreciate any feedback on my first Haiku.


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