10 Fun Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

Valentine’s day is just ’round the corner. I know I want to make my loved ones feel special and I have begun my planning and preparations. For those of you who are looking for fun, yet easy Valentine’s day recipes, read on.

1. Linzer Cookies from Joy of Baking

via Joy Of Baking

via Joy Of Baking

I can’t get over how drool-worthy these cookies look. Surprise your loved ones with an all time favorite recipe from my favorite baking recipes blog, Joy Of Baking.

2. Red Velvet Cupcakes also from Joy of Baking


via Joy of Baking

They are red and white, they are chocolatey, creamy, cheesy… what’s not to love? They scream of Valentine’s just by the look of them. Make your loved ones fall in love with you all over again, with this amazing recipe by Stephanie Jaworski.

3. Valentine’s day Lollipops

These are on my to-do list this year. My husband’s not a big fan of lollipops but I can only imagine the joy on my daughters’ faces when I hand them their pops. They look absolutely stunning, and packed in the right manner, they are the perfect Valentine’s day gift.

4. Chocolate dipped Pretzels



Perfect for your little munchkins. You can find colorful heart shaped sprinkles at your nearest cake specialty store. If not, they will taste fantastic as they are.

5. Chocolate heart peanut butter cookies

via bettycrocker.com

via bettycrocker.com

These look like they will melt in your mouth. I can feel the nutty taste of the peanut butter combining with the chocolate to give you the ultimate foodie kick. Perfect for Valentine’s day.

6. Valentine’s day jello pudding


via spoonful.com


What’s not to love about this pudding? Red jello alternating with white milk pudding. Vegetarians can substitute gelatin with china grass or agar agar. Speaking of which, making colorful agar agar puddings is an art in itself. Google search it!

7. Valentine’s day gum drops



On second thoughts, this could be it. My Valentine’s recipe for 2014! My husband AND kids love gum drops. So there!

8. Pomegranate ice

pomegranate ice


Although technically not a recipe, but I love this idea and the simplicity behind it. Not to mention, the fantastic photography! Fun idea if you are short pressed for time, or if you are entertaining guests.

9. Heart cookies in a jar

via glorioustreats.com

via glorioustreats.com

I fell in love with these cookies a long time ago. I made something similar with shortbread cookies and royal icing some time ago. Here they are. Click on the picture for the link to that post.

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing frosting

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing frosting

These turned out fantastic by the way. You should try them too!

10. Valentine’s day heart shaped rice krispies



Who doesn’t love rice krispy treats? They are crunchy, marshmallowy, sweet and a perfect snack. You can add melted chocolate for a little delicious variation.

Tell me what do you think about these recipes? Will you be making any of them? They are easy and a perfect way to surprise your loved one 🙂


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