APAD. Day 11. Tring Tring!

You know why childhood memories are the best? Why you remember them so vividly? Because when we were children, we were carefree. We didn’t flood our minds with unnecessary, vapid thoughts. We didn’t have jealousy, envy, and neither did we have so much stress. Life was beautiful. It is one of the reasons why we must ensure that our kids have happy memories too.

(c) La Perez Via Flickr

© La Perez Via Flickr

When you see this photograph, I am sure many of you will have memories flooding into your mind. This generation has never touched this kind of telephone, neither will they know how it used to sound. Unless of course, someone uploads a youtube video of it.

The first phone that we had was an even older version of this phone. It didn’t have the dialer. You had to pick up the receiver and press a button to reach an operator. You gave the operator the number of the person you wanted to speak to, and he or she connected you to them. Overseas phone call was called “Trunk Call”. You would book a trunk call, in the morning, and sometime in the night the operator would call back and tell you that person was on the line. It was characteristic, I don’t know if it was because the line wouldn’t be clear or if it was the human psychology, but a trunk call meant that every person in the house would speak at the uppermost limit of their voices. Everyone in the building would know that you are speaking to someone overseas!

I know phones older than these exist, but this was the one that we had for almost ten years of my life. That’s one third of my life. I remember back then it was easy for us kids to use these phones. The oldest generation (my grandparents) didn’t know what to do with it. The same goes with all the current gadgets and the generations today I guess. No wonder my daughter knows how to navigate on my android phone and iPad so easily.

Do tell me what are your memories with respect to this phone. I’d love to hear from you 🙂


9 thoughts on “APAD. Day 11. Tring Tring!

  1. My best memory of this phone was once dharmendra had come to my dad’s department at bombay hospital for a blood test … I just happened to be around .. After his test he wanted to call someone to inform them so he stepped into one these phone booths to make a call on these beauties .. His fingers were so huge that he couldn’t get them in those little gaps he came back to me and asked me if I had a pencil .. I gave him my pencil from my compass box and he finally managed to make his call .. I never got my pencil back 😋😏

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