How to make your own printables in Picmonkey

Like most of you would know already, Picmonkey is a great site for editing pictures and adding cute effects. But did you know that you can design your own sweet printables, birthday invitations, gift tags, school book labels, and even cute cupcake toppers using Picmonkey? Even I didn’t know until a few days back.

When I saw cute downloadable printables on the web I was wondering if there was some way I could make my own. That’s when I realized that I could use Picmonkey’s several awesome features to design my own set of printables. Yes, they may not be over the top, and they may not be perfect. But they are mine, and I can personalize them the way that I want.


If you want to know how you can make cute printables on your own, just follow my step-by-step tutorial. Bear with me because this will be a long post. I would like to suggest here, that please do not hurry. Read the whole tutorial carefully first before you start making your own fantastic printables. It took me a long time to make it, with breaks for feeding, bathing and clothing my kids. Life is so much more interesting when you have kids!

Which is why I for this tutorial I chose to make Valentine’s day card for kids. (Please bear with me, I know I am all about kids, sometimes to the point of being B-O-R-I-N-G!!!)

Are you all set? Here we go.

1.) Go to

2.) Click on the “Create a Collage” button

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre

3.) Click on “Layout” button

When you click on layout you get a number of options to choose from. If you are looking to make gift tags, you could choose the nine square option. If you are looking to make labels, or food tags for a birthday party, you could choose ducks in a row option. The possibilities are endless.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Cooker


4.) Pick the “Square Layout” and then pick the four squares option

The reason for this is that when you make your pattern on the right hand side squares and leave the left hand side blank, you can fold them after being printed to look like a greeting card.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Cooker


5.) Click on the “Swatches”

Clicking on swatches first gives you the sweethearts themed swatches. Hearts and pink all over. Perfect for the Valentine’s theme. However you can also choose from other swatches from the drop down menu, if you want to make  printables based on some other theme.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre


6.) Pick the swatch you want, click on it and drag it into position on the right hand squares. You can choose different swatches for different squares.

Check with different swatches to find the one that you like best. Once you are satisfied, proceed to the next step.


7.) Click on the “Edit” button on top of the image.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre


8.) Click on the “Overlays” button.

This is the butterfly shaped button on the left hand side. Click on it to reveal different options like geometric, hearts, doodly hearts etc.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre


9.) Click on the “Hearts” option

I chose the hearts option, but you can choose whichever you want.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre


10.) Click on the shape you want.

The shape will open up in the image. Drag it into position. Click on the corners and drag to make it large or small.


11.) Use the color picker tool to choose whichever color you want your overlay to be

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre

12.) In the similar manner proceed with a “Circle” Shaped overlay

However with the circle shaped overlay, you don’t get the border option. To have a bordered circle, make a duplicate overlay. You can do this by right-clicking on your overlay. A menu will appear which will give you the various options you can use with overlays.


13.) Change the color of the duplicate overlay, reduce its size and drag it in position so it is even from all sides.

This will give you a nice even border all around on your circle.

14.) Click on “Chick N Eggs” in overlay menu

You can get other cute clipart as well. Just go up and down in the menu and choose the ones you like. For my card I chose the chicken and the bumble-bee.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre


15.) Click on the “Text” tab. Go all the way down and choose the “Sacramento” option.

Write the text you want, resize to fit the overlays, and give it the color you like. Drag it into position.



16.) Click on “Save” option on top of the image.



17.) Click on “Save to my computer”

Pick the size you want your image to be, rename it, and save to your computer as a jpeg file.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre


That’s it! You can simply print this jpeg image on a good quality paper, and cut it and fold it in the centre. My advice is to jazz it up even further with a little glitter. And there you go, a personalized printable VDay card for your lovely kids!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


4 thoughts on “How to make your own printables in Picmonkey

  1. This is amazing!!! Just today I was searching Pinterest for cute printables for the little munchkins birthday…. Now I can just make them myself!!!



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  3. Awesome tutorial, Gauri! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this 🙂 Helps me a lot 🙂 And thanks to Poornima for directing me here 🙂

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