APAD. Day 13. Earthenware

Whew,  I almost missed posting APAD post today. What a crazy effing day it has been! Between working on my worksheets, organizing in my February blog planner, and cooking, cleaning and kids… I lost track of time.

Here’s my picture of the day.


copyright Miriam259 via Flickr

Did you know that almost anything can be cooked in earthenware or clay pots? And not just that, you can set curds to thick, creamy perfection. And you can keep water cool in large terra cotta pots in scorching summers.

They remind me of food I had in my father’s home in a Goan village. Now that village has many resources, but back then it was clay pots over wood fire. I remember telling my mom to set up a Chulha back at our home! The food was that delicious! Even a plain fish curry took on a different level of ambrosial taste.

There are a couple of reasons for this

  • Clay pots are non reactive with food. They do not release metallic ions into the food and therefore do not alter the natural taste of food.
  • Food cooks slowly and therefore assumes a soft perfection.
  • Food gets cooked in steam which brings out the beautiful flavours.
  • The earthy flavour of the pot rounds it all up.
  • The plus point is, that food cooked this way is healthier.

Ever since I began cooking in earnest, I have wanted one. Someday, I will.

Right now, just the picture will suffice.


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