APAD. Day 14. The Meditating Monk

You know how I write these posts? It usually takes me more time to pick a photograph. A good photograph is like buying that one dress you feel is just right. One look, and you know it was made for you. You instinctively know it will look good on you, even before you have tried it on. Picking a good photograph is just like that. All I do is eyeball all the images till one image stubbornly takes home in my mind, and I can’t get it back out. Even if I deign to look at other pictures, my mind begins weaving words around that picture. I have to ultimately go back and use that picture for A Picture A Day. Once that part is done, which sometimes takes a minute and other times.. over 25 minutes to 45 minutes… my fingers just begin moving as if they have a life of their own. I no longer have to think, I no longer have to wonder what to write. It just is, and all I have to do is make those thoughts a reality.

via iamtheway.deviantart.com

via iamtheway.deviantart.com

This Buddhist Monk, as you can see from the image, is deep in meditation. He wears only his austere red robe, which is often made by sewing together the pieces of donated cloth. The red color is used by Tibetan Monks because red cloth was the cheapest kind in Kashmir. In essence, the role of the robe is just to protect the monk from the austere weather.

They are called Bhikshus. Bhikshus by literal translation means “the one who lives on alms”

What I love about this picture is the drama of the picture. You don’t see the monk’s face. But his face is anyway of no importance to him. He wants no identity. He just wants to be one with his God. He just wants to attain “Nirvana” or freedom from material world.

The red color shines on the black background, and the shadows add to the drama. The light coming from above him, is symbolic of the knowledge he seeks to attain.

A beautiful picture of a meditating monk.


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