Simple way to remove oil stains from clothes

So this morning when the bottle of coconut oil overturned on the sofa, and almost gave me a heart attack, I began looking for ways to get rid of the oil stain from the upholstery. I got satisfactory results from what I did, so I am going to share this with you too, because I know that where there are kids, there are stains, and some of them originate from oil!

oilstains featureOil stains are known to be stubborn things to get rid of. Washing them as is will not remove the stains. However some simple steps, with ingredients from your kitchen help to zap them to a great extent.


Step. 1:

Sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch on the oil stain as soon as it appears. If you don’t have cornstarch, you can also use baking powder or talcum powder.

Allow it to stay on the stain for 5 to 10 minutes till you see the cornstarch moistened with the oil.

Scrape it off with a sharp spoon.


Step. 2:

Pour a drop or two of the dishwashing liquid on the stain, depending on its size. A larger stain may require more liquid.

The dishwashing liquid releases the oil stain from the cloth fibre and makes it easy to get rid of the ugly stain.


Step. 3:

Use an old toothbrush to scrub the dishwashing liquid into the stain.

Let it remain for ten minutes.

Now wash the cloth as usual.

If you need to clean an upholstery though, use water to clean out the dishwashing liquid, and pat dry with paper towels or regular towels.

Air dry.


There you go, no fancy detergents, no sprays. Oil stains gone with the ingredients you always have in your home.

Have a great day peeps!




3 thoughts on “Simple way to remove oil stains from clothes

  1. The coffee stains in carpet can be removed by applying a mixture of lukewarm water and soap (mild)/ detergent (non-alkaline detergents are better). Through such simple tips we can take better carpet care. Great Blog!!!

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