APAD. Day 15. Saee and me

Every mother and daughter share this unique relationship. One that is exclusively meant for only the two. They share secrets through their eyes, and care for each other more than anyone else in the world can. I must find a picture of my mother and me when I go to Vasai.

Here’s a picture of Saee and me taken by my amazing husband Srikant in August 2011.


saee n me

We were just fooling around. I didn’t know he was clicking pictures. I was so tired, and Saee still wanted to play. So I pleaded with her to let me sleep in her arms just this once. The caring and loving child that she is, she let me sleep in her arms, while patting me on the back with her tiny little hands.

That loving caring nature of hers is seen in the way she treats her little sister as well. She is just like a little mommy, looking out for her all the time.

May you have the best in life baby.

Mommy loves you very very much 🙂





7 thoughts on “APAD. Day 15. Saee and me

  1. nice photo… unfortunately all the good moments like this happens in my home when the hubby is out and she feels “more love” towards me.. yeah.. those are the times which makes our day.. 🙂

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