If Only…

They had all gathered today, to bid their farewell. Disbelief and devastation written over their faces, tears slowly streaming down their cheeks. She looked so serene, so at peace. So quiet. Unlike the exuberant personality that she was.

Theirs was a friendship that had taken root in infancy and blossomed through their youth. Gayatri, was the best friend anyone could ever have. And yet here she was. Ready to commence her final journey. Kajal looked at Hrishikesh from the haze of her own tears. He was kneeling beside her, stunned look on his face, as he caressed her face for the last time. Her parents were inconsolable. Their reason for living, the light of their lives, had gone away forever. Never to return. All they had left were the memories.

Gayatri, Hrishikesh, Kajal, and Amrita. Best friends forever. They had seen each other through ups and downs, and emerged stronger as friends. A promise had been made, to always be friends. One they had followed earnestly, until now.

They tried to make sense of what had happened.

©ari_nazarian via flickr.com

©ari_nazarian via flickr.com

If only she had never found the note, that was written by Hrishikesh, in Amrita’s purse. The note that read, “Ever since I first held your hand, I knew you were the one for me. Your kind heart, and loving soul are why my heart beats for you. Will you always be by my side? Will you stand by me in tough times? Will you put your faith in me? Will you be my wife?”

If only she had questioned, either one of them, upon finding it.

If only she hadn’t read the SMS, “Meet me at Birdy’s at 6. Gayatri will never know.”

If only she had tried to find the reason behind that SMS.

If only she hadn’t assumed.

If only she had let Hrishikesh explain.

But she didn’t.

She had yelled, cursed, cried and gone into depression. And given up. All too soon.

The note was written by Hrishikesh, and at Birdy’s he had shown it to Amrita. He wanted to make Gayatri’s twenty-fifth birthday memorable.

When Gayatri showed up at Birdy’s, Amrita had hidden it in her purse. They didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

Hrishikesh put the ring on Gayatri’s finger. It was meant for her, and her only. It would go with her.

If only she had seen the whole picture.

If only she had waited…

write tribe

This post was written for Write Tribe’s Wednesday Prompt 2014 – 6.

The prompt was:

“life is like a jigsaw puzzle, you have to see the whole picture, then put it together piece by piece!”

― Terry McMillanA Day Late and a Dollar Short


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