APAD. Day 16. How do you know you married a Scorpio Man?

You know what tomorrow is? TGIF!! That’s right baby, “Thank God It’s Friday!!!”

Well, well… for someone who works from home, and doing her favorite thing, it’s Thank God its Everyday! Yup, I love my life, I love my family and I absolutely head-over-heels love what I do.

Our picture today, is not really a picture. It’s a comic strip. And I love the subtle humor in it.

via Imgur.com

via Imgur.com

I love Imgur.com. Tons of memes, funny images, gifs guaranteed to make you smile. Unless you are a Scorpio. I have a Scorpio husband and I know that he is very rarely (RARELY) ever amused about anything. Oh he has a sense of humor! Killer sense of humor. He can get a roomful of shy adults rolling on the floor, laughing till they have tears in their eyes. But try to make him laugh, and the chances are, you might get a feeble, barely-even-there smile.

A typical scenario in my household.

I have just finished thinking up what I think is a damn funny story for my blog. Excitedly, I write it all down. I read it and laugh. To myself of course. Don’t mind me, I am a narcissist. Once I am done gloating over my work, I call him over to read.

He sits down with the laptop. His brow is furrowed. He reads with concentration. I look excitedly at him, waiting for a bubble of laughter.

He is still reading, seriously of course. Once in a while he nods his head. “Hmm…” he says.



Scorpio man



You have married a Scorpio, hon.

He’ll tease you, about flirting with numerous women. (Mind you though, he is only teasing. He is fiercely loyal)

Try and turn the tables. Just try. No, go ahead and try.

I once did.

I ended up saying sorry to a cold stare for like twelve whole hours, with a booming, “Don’t ever say such a thing to me again!” warning.

via beliefnet.com

via beliefnet.com



If you don’t like the honest truth babe, don’t ask.

Does this make me look round, darling? “It makes you look fat.” He doesn’t mean to hurt you, no way. He doesn’t mean to be mean. He is just answering your question with the honest-to-God truth. So if you don’t like the fact that he is bluntly, mind-numbingly honest… do yourself a favor and don’t ask.
You will thank me later.


He loves you though. He loves you like no one has ever loved you. He will fight for you. He will fight with you, when necessary, but when the need arises, he will fight tooth and nail for you.

You can’t fool him. He can see through you. He sees deep within your soul. So always be honest with him.


He will sometimes, no make that most times, make fun of you in front of his friends or family.

For example, my Scorpio man, often tells his family how I torture him with agarbatti burns, or cigarette burns if he may have forgotten to add salt in the veggies today. 😐 Oh, and there’s more. I hang him upside down by the ceiling fan, and burn hot chili peppers under him so he has to inhale the fumes. I also whip him, and cover him in syrup and empty a sack of red ants on him!


Everyone knows it’s his joke. If your Scorpio man loves you, don’t expect him to kneel on his feet and give you a rose, and sweep you off your feet in front of his friends. Puhleese, babe! He is cool! He is collected! He is NOT about to show his true feelings, and how he feels like his love for you may consume him, in front of his family and friends. He has a reputation to keep.

If you have a Scorpio husband or a boyfriend, I know you are nodding your head right now.

You can’t argue with this man. He can give you the most reasonable of reasons and the most absurd reasons. Even if you may not completely agree with him, you will have to give up.


But trust me when I say this. Once you fall in love with a Scorpio man, every other man seems frivolous.

There’s just no looking back. 🙂


By the way, he read this post and said….



17 thoughts on “APAD. Day 16. How do you know you married a Scorpio Man?

    • Disha, if your son is a Scorpion you will have to work doubly hard to show your authority. These kids respond only to authority, and very very rarely give that authority to anyone 🙂 that said, he will love you so much, sometimes you will be amazed 🙂

    • I feel Scorpio women are the most, most beautiful women with magnetic personalities 🙂 I have a couple of Scorpio girlfriends too… and they are super talented girls 🙂

  1. Ok, my man is a LEO, but you could have described him to a tee, with this post. That ‘hmm’ after reading a post I laboured over, or that icy glare when I tease him about other men, is just spot on! Made for a great read 🙂

    Think I have seen you on Write Tribe, right?

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  3. I’m a scorpio myself, and this is for the first time im having scorpio boyfriend, and im kinda keep wanna scratch his face or cry for his coldness, after read ur email, now i know why…

    And yeup, he make a joke and keep teasing me about other women (since im scorpio too) i took a revenge and talking about other men, he was coldly reply “i dont like this”.

    Thanks for share 🙂

  4. I am married to a Scorpio from last ten years and I must say that each and every word of your post is true and quite relevant.

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