How to make Croissants at home

They are soft, they are crunchy, they are buttery and they melt in your mouth and damn you to dieters’ hell from their high calorie content. But they are so divinely goooooood! My daughter, my six year old always-scoffing-at-food daughter, closed her eyes and went, “Mmmmm… yummy!” I must have done something right!

croissants 2

However, there is no way to explain in text, how to make this yummy croissant recipe at home. So I’ll share the video which taught me. And then I’ll give you some tips 🙂

Yes they did turn buttery, soft and absolutely mindblowingly flaky!!!

Look, look!




1. Fill each croissant with one square of Cadbury’s dairymilk and you have chocolate croissants

2. Make a yummy creamy chicken filling with cream, cheese, chicken, pepper and rosemary and fill it into the croissants for a hearty Sunday brunch

3. Place a chicken sausage in it to make a fun party food!


Everything else is already explained in the video. I needn’t give tips on that, it’s perfect 🙂



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