APAD. Day 17. Beautiful Cakes and my home business

Three years ago, I would have hardly imagined that baking would be a potential career option for me, let alone being a cake designer. My cakes were fit to be thrown in the bin. But they say, patience and hard work pays off eventually. I kept making horrible cakes, until one day they weren’t horrible anymore. They actually taste good.

Here’s a cake picture I found online which I think is exceptionally elegant and beautiful. Someday, I hope to make more cakes like these 🙂

via myandted.com

via myandted.com

Last year, my daughter wanted a Barbie cake for her birthday. Due to some reason, we were unable to get it. So when she demanded that a Barbie cake be made for my birthday, I began thinking. Barbie cakes available in commercial cake stores are never less than 4 kgs. For just five to six people, that’s an obscene amount of cake. I began toying with the idea of making a Barbie cake at home. After fifteen sleepless nights of researching, studying and finding resources, this is what I was able to make.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre

This was the first custom cake I ever made for my daughter. Little did I know the result of this would be, that I would eventually start a home business, flourishing at that. It is by the grace of God and love and blessings of my elders that I have been able to do well so far.

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre


Applying the law of attraction and positive thinking did this for me. I am finally doing and earning money doing the two things I love. Writing and baking. I still have a long way to go with both, but I am sure, one day I’ll get there. 🙂

©Gauri Kekre

©Gauri Kekre

For more pictures of my work, please visit my Facebook page Li’l White Oven.




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