Mindless thoughts… or a thoughtless mind?

This could be interesting.

I don’t usually know what I think about when left to do some free thinking. Usually it’s about kids, chores and food. Like it is about to strike 2:00 in the morning, and I am sitting here, just having finished some fondant work for a cake which is due on Tuesday, and thinking, what do I make for breakfast tomorrow morning?

It is Sunday, so breakfast has to be extra-special. Just the way my Mom used to have Sunday special meals.

The movie “Just go with it” is playing for the nth time.

I still can’t sleep.


write tribe

The above post has been written for the Write Tribe’s – 100 words on Saturday Prompt 2014-6.

The prompt was Write 100 words without thinking.


16 thoughts on “Mindless thoughts… or a thoughtless mind?

    • i did… that day… about two hours later 😦 Today I feel sleepy, but can’t. I have a cake delivery tomorrow. With the kids, I can’t work during the day. My day belongs to them. The night is mine to finish my work 🙂

  1. Oh yes.. That ‘what should I cook’ is the biggest question of all. Hope you caught up on your sleep. I rarely have this problem .. It’s a problem of plenty for me…. I can sleep any time of the day/night.

    • I used to have the same problem as you, problem of plenty. But somehow in the last one and half years, I have begun to lose sleep. I can’t sleep before 3:30 am on a normal day 😦

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