The cutest short film I have seen in a while :)

My husband made this short film some time ago, and I was blown away. He has fantastic creative sensibilities unlike me.

I don’t know who made this film, but it is incredibly sweet. I love the music, the actors, the kids… everything about this film. Except that the beginning is a little too stretched, and the same morning sequence is repeated a number of times in the movie. About three times would have been enough to establish her morning routine.

Still, it’s a nice film and it brings a smile to your face.

So here’s something to cheer up your drab Monday morning 🙂


p.s. I couldn’t resist. Attaching my husband’s short film “Speechless”, which was made for the 48 Hours Film Festival. You are given the theme, character, a compulsory line and a prop to be used in your film, which has to be conceived, made and presented all within the span of 48 hours. Kind of like writing prompts.

In this case, the theme was “Vacation film”, the character was “Shikha/Shekhar Sharma who is a fashion designer”, the compulsory dialogue was “That was my dialogue,” and the prop was a “Backpack”.



I hope your Monday morning looks cheerful now.



9 thoughts on “The cutest short film I have seen in a while :)

  1. Thank you sooooo much.I loved both short films.They are so positive and stress true love can over come all hurdles.Very creative ,though short but strong in content.

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